Housing Consultation

CHORD provides consultation on a wide range of housing-related issues, from trouble and uncertainty over housing acquisition and renovation to technical and legal difficulties.

Telephone Consultation

Our telephone advisors are seasoned professionals who are qualified as first-class architects. If your concerns are of a legal nature, we can if necessary provide consultation with the advice of a lawyer.

[Renovation Estimate Checking Service]

"I’ve just received an estimate on renovations from a contractor and I don’t know what to make of it!" CHORD provides advice by telephone to consumers with concerns such as these. If you wish, you can forward the estimate to us and have us check it for you.

Specialist Consultation

For consumers who would prefer face-to-face consultation, CHORD partners with 52 bar associations throughout Japan to provide face-to-face consultation with lawyers and architects. In addition to people acquiring and supplying evaluated housing and insured housing, this service is suitable for those placing orders for housing renovation work (or planning of doing so). Also, since FY2014 we have been offering specialist consultaion on rebuilding of condominiums.