Setting the Stage for the Housing Renovation Market

Housing renovation plays an important role in a society in which housing stocks are highly valued and used over a long period of time. CHORD works to create settings for the housing renovation market in which consumers can undertake renovation projects in a more carefree manner.

Human resource development for housing renovation

Housing Renovation Consultants

This training program is open to persons with at least 10 years' practical experience in housing construction. Participants are registered after completing a detached housing renovation curriculum by CHORD and passing an examination as housing renovation consultans. Training seminars are held by housing renovation organizations in locations throughout Japan. As of April 2020, approximately 12 000 housing renovation consultants are registered nationwide.

Condominium Renovation Managers

Those who pass this examination are certified as having the knowledge and skills required to plan and propose renovation work to meet the needs of clients, primarily concerned with renovation of exclusively possessed area of condominiums taking into account the specific limitations associated with condominium-related projects, and to manage projects while coordinating with condominium unit owners associations and other interested parties. Currently a total of approximately 11 000 persons have passed these examinations.

The Housing Renovation Competition

The purpose of the Competition, which has been held annually since 1985, is to promote housing renovation and raise the standard of renovation work. The best works are selected from entries applied from throughout Japan. Winners receive various awards, including the prize presented by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The results are extensively publicized to both consumers and contractors.

Providing of renovation information

CHORD helps to ensure that consumers can undertake renovation projects without anxiety by distributing a wide range of useful information-fairly and from a neutral perspective-via the Internet and through other media.

  • How to proceed a renovation project

    Steps and hints to ensure a trouble-free renovation process

  • Renovation examples

    Introduction of award winners in the Housing Renovation Competition

  • List of housing renovation consultants

    Publication of a list of housing renovation consultants

  • Finding a renovation helpdesk

    Access to renovation helpdesks run by local governments throughout Japan