Housing Dispute Settlement Support

The Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism designated the Center as the Housing Dispute Settlement Support Center in 2000. Since then we have assisted housing dispute examination committees in settling disputes between purchasers/contractees and vendors/contractors.

What is housing dispute settlement?

Housing dispute examination committees have been established nationwide by Japan’s 52 bar associations to ensure the swift settlement of housing-related disputes, such as complaints concerning defects in housing or claims that work has not been carried out as specified. The committees have developed dispute settlement procedures that allow disputes to be resolved appropriately through mediation or other processes. These procedures are available for evaluated housing (housing for which construction stage housing performance evaluation reports have been issued) and insured housing (housing covered by housing defect liability insurance).

Contents of support services

When an application for dispute settlement is filed, the Center for Housing Renovation and Dispute Settlement Support provides support, including preliminary consultation and advice, to purchasers, vendors and other parties, and introduces the parties to a local housing dispute examination committee.

The Center also provides a range of support services for housing dispute examination committees, including training for dispute resolution commissioners and staff members, subsidization to meet the expense of the settlement process, and the collection and provision of information relating to dispute settlement.

The cost of these services is met through charges made to the Center by housing performance evaluation organizations and housing defect liability insurance corporations.

Dispute settlement flowchart