Housing Dispute Settlement Support

Based on the Housing Quality Assurance Act, CHORD is designated as a "Housing Dispute Settlement Support Center" by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Through housing dispute examination committees, CHORD supports settlement of disputes between purchasers/contractees and vendors/contractors.

Contents of Support Services

●All 52 bar associations in Japan have established housing dispute examination committees for the use of purchasers and vendors (parties in disputes). When applications for assistance are received, the parties first receive consultation and advice, then are introduced to their local housing dispute examination committees.

●CHORD assists housing dispute examination committees by providing training for dispute resolution commissioners, defraying some of the expenses of dispute resolution work, and collecting and providing information pertaining to dispute resolution, among other assistance.

What is Housing Dispute Settlement?

Housing dispute settlement is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR), in other words a procedure for resolving a dispute by a housing dispute examination committee without utilizing the court system. When disputes arise regarding the quality of housing or the details of the contracted work, lawyers, architects or others with specialized knowledge can provide confidential recommendation, mediation and arbitration. Compared with utilizing court system housing dispute settlement is fast. It’s also inexpensive, costing only a ¥10 000 processing fee. The service is available for evaluated housing and insured housing.