Surveys and Research/Publications

Surveys and Research

CHORD collects and analyzes dispute case studies and technical data that can be used to ensure the swift and appropriate settlement of housing-related disputes and assist in the resolution of problems affecting consumers. Findings are made available to consumers, experts and other users.

  • CHORD collects and analyzes case studies concerning housing-related consultations, dispute settlements, court cases and other processes and maintains a data base. It also conducts surveys and research to provide information to dispute resolution commissioners and others.
  • CHORD carries out surveys and research, for systematic analyses of technical information such as methods used to identify the causes of housing-related defects and rectify those defects. Findings from this work are provided to dispute resolution commissioners and others.
  • CHORD conducts surveys and research concerning the state of the housing renovation market, technology trends, and other related aspects.


CHORD prepares pamphlets introducing its advisory services, annual statistical reports and other informational and public-relations publications.